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Jackson Pollock

Paris became the scene of a regulation attack. Painters, critics and discovers join forces for this other art.
The first one-man show by Jackson Pollock in Europe prepare the terrain for Dubuffet, Ossorio (one of Pollock's friend), Riopelle, thus taken over by French painting after having to a certain degree inherited from Masson and Ernst in America during the war the great poetic breath kept alive in the heart of surrealism.

The fouding of certain galleries has a strange resemblance to a beautiful story. There are people and places predestined for each other.

Wols had just died, entering into legend. Great battles were to be engaged to gain the admission of lyrical abstraction.
Immediately the Facchetti Gallery launches an attack, thanks to Michel Tapié who presents there in 1951 Significance of the Infomal (with Fautrier, Dubuffet, Michaux, Mathieu, Riopelle, Serpan)


January 29, 1954, is a great date in this story ; is the date of the arrival in Paris, coming from a Vienna which is already at its Secession and an India already hippy, of Hundertwasser.

Hundertwasser in his french workshop


Green Wave - Hundertwaser

Salvador Dali

Paul Facchetti's portraits often employ the dramatic, even painterly lighting of the studio photographer.

Strong characters are best suited to this style of portraiture, and Salvador Dali, who would be a soon to any photographer, is the perfect subject for Facchetti's camera.

Jean Fautrier at home

Jeanne and Paul Facchetti were no longer, in fact, simple art dealers (for that, all that is necessary is to have enough money) but animatorts.

In love with paintings, they had precise expectations of it. They had criteria. They judged, decided, were categorical ; their relation with artists taken on passionate note.

all photographs copyright Paul Facchetti. All rights reserved.

text by Jean-Jacques Lévêque in Cimaise, June 1968.

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