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 Digital pictures

Shooting with SONY numeric camcorders, we transfer or digitize the video on AVID non linear editing systems.

With the fast growing technology, the equipment is no sufficent and the AVID users know-how may be useful with their tips, tricks and archive.


We usaually use QuickTime for viewing the film onto the computer. You can dowload it for free in the QuickTime Apple site.

It is playable on both platform Mac and PC and the best results we got were with Cinepack codec.

If you ar interested in flight simulators, visit Antoine's GRONDEAU's pictures.

Argentic photography

Some works of Albert MONIER, the photographer of the fifties may be seen in this parisian gallery. We dedicate him a special page.

If you are interested in modern art, my uncle Paul FACCHETTI photographed the painter Jean DUBUFFET and wrote a collector book with original photographies.

You can visit this web site (sorry it is in french) about artists around photography.

Les images et la loi (in French)

Bien que le statut et le melange possible des images rende complexe le droit d'auteur, on trouvera toutes les informations utiles aupres de la SCAM Societe Civile desAuteurs Multimedia.

Si vous realisez des films d'entreprise sans beneficier de budgets pharaoniques, vous pouvez les mettre en competition au festival des Journees du Creusot.

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