Since my grand father's works of photography nothing really changed in terms of high quality compared to the digital.

But the technology moved very fast in the graphic domain with desktop publishing, non linear video and internet diffusion. All of these tools makes an easier contact between the people who creates images and the people who watch them.

In the field of moving pictures, it looks that QuickTime will be the standard in the next years. Some secrets can be found in this site. Here is some calculation for making a QuickTime movie : duration 1 minute, size 192x144 pixels, codec cinepack



 size (Mb)






 72 min





 30 min





 27 min


You will be able to see on this page the latest test about video on the internet with sorenson, streaming and real video.

One of the latest way of image investigation is 3D representation. In that area modeling is easier than ever with 3D scanners. Complete software (modeling, mapping, rendering, animation) can be found for production purposes.

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