Pragmatic Productions was created in 1983 in Los Angeles and in Paris, later we signed a join venture in Italy.

We provide to our customers worldwide the best in image technology so that creation can freely get rid of all painfull details.

Here are ten examples of movies. You can view them a few second by clicking on the picture. They are made with the QuickTime codec ; be sure that you have the plug-in. When it will be finished click on the Previous button of your browser.

We do remind on average :

20% of what we ear
30% of what we see
50% of what we ear and see together


Marie-Christine BARRAULT

corporate film

the important is...

director Patrick CHENU

director Luke FACCHETTI

 553 Kb

  684 Kb

masterpiece of Nicaragua

3 D

at the Louvre


director Luke FACCHETTI

editor Luke FACCHETTI

 882 Kb

648 Kb

Soukoï crash

Snecma air show

Le Bourget 1999

Le Bourget 1999

director Alfred BIER

director Alfred BIER

585 Kb

 580 Kb

Mack Renault

Francis Perrin

truck simulation

for La fete du Pain

director Patrick CHENU

director Patrick CHENU

 585 Kb

 585 Kb

ski show

in Avoriaz for the french TV

director Patrick CHENU

488 Kb

We mix and manage all techologies in order to achieve the best goal at the best price for the customer.

35mm, digital Betacam, Betacam SP, DVCAM, DV in shooting.

AVID™ and special effects in editing off line or on line.

DVD, CD ROM, wall of image, satellite, hard disk VOD in diffusion.



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Various OTHER FILMS (1 minute long each) in Real Video format

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